Setting Up Navmesh in Unity 2021

GameDev Dustin
Jun 11, 2022


Initial Scene Setup
We’ll set up a simple scene to demonstrate the NavMesh component.

First, I’ve created and resized two cube game objects to serve as my floor.

Second, I’ve added several blue cubes to act as waypoints.

We can open the Navigation window by clicking Window > AI > Navigation.

This should appear near your Inspector window.

From there we can select our floor game objects, click the Navigation > Object tab, and set them to “Navigation Static” and “Walkable”.

Then by clicking the Navigation > Bake tab, we can click the Bake button and generate the NavMesh across our floor gameobjects.

The NavMesh is identified in the scene view by a blue filled-in area.
This represents the walkable area.

In the next article we’ll add an Agent to our NavMesh.