Recap: Fully Implemented Recreation of Halo: Duck Hunt Extreme in Unity 2021

It’s been quite a ride, but we’ve finally got a working prototype loosely based on the “Duck Hunt Extreme” mod of Halo Reach.

Let’s go over the various topics we covered along the way.

NavMesh and NavMeshAgent
We covered implementing the Nav Mesh system with Nav Mesh Agents as well as guiding them through a waypoint system.

This even included interrupting the Agents to send them to nearby cover waypoints when they were hit or detected a near miss from the player.

Animations, Avatars & Controllers
We implemented third-party animations for our AI robot characters and even replaced some of them from

Props — From Cover to Explodable
We then placed various third-party prefab game objects and modified them to suit our needs for cover.

And just to spice things up a bit, we added explodable propane tanks that do damage to our robot AI characters.

Spawn Manager & Object Pooling
We also implemented a spawn manager system with waves consisting of a random number of enemies and durations and then spawning them accordingly.

We enhanced the performance of our prototype by utilizing object pooling for the robot AI characters being spawned.

First-Person Shooter
Our prototype wouldn’t be much fun if the player had nothing to do, so we implemented the necessary first-person shooter mechanics.

Weapon firing & cooldown, ammo tracking, damage inflicting, and propane tank kabooms included.

User Interface Heads-Up-Display (HUD)
We added a user interface with a full heads-up-display to the prototype.

This included score keeping, wave starting, current wave, wave time remaining, ammo count, enemies alive, and win/defeat game over screens with the ability to exit the game or restart it.

We covered using third-party sprite assets and how to divide a single image with multiple sprites using the Unity Sprite Editor package.

Music and Sound Effects
What game would be complete without implementing audio?

From gunfire to background music, our prototype has a good audio foundation.
There’s always room for more though!

In conclusion, we set out to prototype a game with a strong scenario in mind, using third-party assets, and coding all of the game mechanics from scratch.

While we could continue to over-scope this project as is the risk with any project, we completed a functioning first-person shooter prototype that anyone could pick up and play!



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