Adding Multiple Animations to a Timeline in Unity 2020

In this article we’ll add multiple tracks to our cube animation.

Now, once we saved our project from the last article, note that a recording of our Timeline animation was created and stored under the “CubeTimeline_01” playable director object in our Project folder.

We’ll add a second clip track as shown above.

Note that I copied the transform component values for the 3.3 second mark of the cube and pasted them into the 6 second mark of the cube’s transform component so that beginning and end position’s will match.

The result should be something like that shown above.
First it plays the original clip track and then the second clip track.

Saving the scene creates another Recorded object in our Project view.

I’ve added a 3rd clip using the same methods we’ve used before.

Now we can easily shift our various clip tracks around, and even drag them into a blend over one another.

So, as shown above, you can see the up/down movment bleeding into the vertical movement of the cube at the end of the sequence, making a bit of a swoosh movement (a totally technical term, trademarked).

This demonstrates a very basic idea, but in practical use you could see using this for character movement animations.

When a character is walking, then blends into an attack, or ducks down, or whatever.

You don’t want a jerky animation from one to the other, you want them to blend naturally together.



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